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InShot Pro Apk is an image and video editing tool designed to make everyone's job easier. With this app you only need a smartphone to make good work.

  • There are Music and Audio Effects
  • Set Video Speed
  • Animated Emojis And Stickers Available
  • HD Video Quality
  • Video Slideshow Feature
  • Transition Effect
  • Complete Share Features
  • No Watermark
  • No Ads

Almost all activities that initially could only be done with one computer can now only be done with a smartphone. As with video editing, where there are already many applications that can edit videos with just one smartphone. For those of you who want to edit videos with a smartphone, you can download the latest full version of InShot pro apk.

InShot Pro is an image and video editing tool designed to make everyone's job easier. With this app you only need a smartphone to make good work. Only with this InShot Pro Mod application, you can easily create video slideshows. Before we go to the download link, we first discuss what InShot pro is and what is included in this app.

What is Inshot Pro Apk?

InShot Pro is the best video editor app that can provide HD results. InShot already has hundreds of millions of active users in various parts of the world. All this has been proven by a large number of users of this application. The latest InShot pro apk has been downloaded from Google Playstore by around 100 million people.

With this app, you can add simple music to videos and edit videos for various social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more. This app, which is considered to be the best video editor, is also equipped with professional editing tools with very comprehensive features.

About InShot Pro Apk

Inshot Pro is a video editing application for Android and iOS smartphones with complete features such as cool transition effects filters.

This app has everything you would expect to feel like a talented and creative professional editor who can create very attractive and most importantly very high quality videos and photos.

Videos that have been edited will later be provided with a place to save into the memory of mobile devices or be exported to social media. This application is also compatible with FLV, MP4, 3GP, AVI, MOV and other formats.

This app allows you to convert, compress and crop, create special effects, stickers, emoticons and text.

You can also combine different video footage, such as compressing videos with extension settings, applying filters and effects (natural, shiny, retro, and more) and converting video files to MP4 for free.

Inshot Pro application is an application that offers the best simplicity and functionality to help you work efficiently in video editing.

Various features provided, can turn the recorded video into a real masterpiece, beautiful effects, interesting filters, text insertion. All this allows you to improve the standard content of photos or videos

Even with this application it will help you realize interesting ideas and will make you feel like a true professional, able to create truly original works.

This activity creates positive emotions that everyone needs, which rarely attract attention in everyday life.

With the premium version it offers a variety of different functions and tools for video and photo editing which has dozens of filters allowing you to change the standard image.

If you are interested in this cool application, you should also know the features of the Inshot Pro Mod APK application below.

Features - InShot Pro Apk

Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Easily cut and trim videos

To start with, Android users can make uses of their InShot Pro app to easily cut their captured footages into smaller videos, or trim off the parts that are no longer needed. Enjoy the pro video trimmer and cutter as you split your videos into several parts. Edit them manually in separate panels or doing everything at the same time with InShot Pro.

Quickly merge and join videos

On the other hand, for both your split videos and other videos that were captured on your phones. That’s said, you can easily merge them all into a single clip. The free video maker will allow you to combine and compress multiple videos at once without causing their quality to decrease. Feel free to use your created videos for many online social medias.

Change and adjust the sounds in your videos

As for the sounds, InShot Pro offers a simple and intuitive audio editor for you to make uses of. And at the same time, a huge library of featured free music will be available for you to pick up whenever you want. Feel free to make uses of these available resources to create your brilliantly edited clips.

Plus, it’s also possible for Android users to add their own voices to the clip while editing, making it a lot like a recorder. Moreover, you can even make uses of audio files from many other sources to deliver the best sound experiences to your videos.

And last but not least, Android users will be able to make uses of the available sound effects in the app to create their own signature audio outputs for their videos. Customize and create unique sounds in the videos so you can have fun with InShot Pro to the fullest.

A variety of different video filters and effects

To make the videos more interesting, Android users are allowed to apply multiple video effects and filters to their edits. With a great collection of many effects such as stop motion, glitch, and more, it’s totally for you to create professional videos with just your smartphones. Not to mention that the available customizations with video brightness, contrast, saturation, colors, and more will give you even more options in editing your videos.

Add multiple texts and stickers

Moreover, to create more engaging and intuitive videos, Android users in InShot Pro can also add multiple text settings and stickers to their videos. Feel free to choose your favorite fonts and put on interesting lines that would better interpret your videos. And at the same time, make uses of the awesome stickers and emoji with brilliant expressions on them. Enjoy interesting custom memes and images that you can pick up in the app to create the ultimate video on your mobile device.

Adjust your video speed with many settings

For those of you who’re interested in creating the perfect time-lapse or slow-motion videos, InShot Pro offers a complete set of settings that you can make uses of. That’s said, the app offers intuitive speed controls in each and every of your videos. Here, you can make uses of the fast/slow motion settings to change every frame of your videos. Enjoy the interesting visual effects with just a simple change of your videos.

Quickly convert videos and create slideshow

To optimize your in-app experiences, Android users can always make uses of the quick features in the app and create their videos in just a short amount of time. Start by easily editing your videos and quickly export your videos using the preset options.

Or alternatively, for the photo slideshow clips, you can easily make uses of its features to make your slideshow of photos in a matter of seconds.

Crop and polish each videos

And if you need your videos to follow a certain ratio or settings, it’s also possible for Android users to make uses of the video cropper options. That’s said, the powerful feature will let your adjust your videos to the finest details. By allowing users to crop and polish each video to a certain ratio and format, you can then use your videos for many popular online channels without experiencing any technical issue.

Rotate and flip your videos in different angles

Not to mention that for those of you who’re interested, you can easily rotate and flip your videos in different angles, creating awesome visual effects as you progress. Enjoy flipping up videos up and down, left and right, as you create unique and interesting visual effects with your editing.

Quickly share your videos online

And after all that editing and customizations, you can easily have your videos export and share to other online channels. Feel free to customize your video resolution and quality by making uses of the professional movie maker. At the same time, there are also plenty of preset options for your popular social apps such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and more. Find yourself quickly create your videos and share them online in a matter of seconds.

Also have your photo properly edited

Along with many video editing features, the app also has its photo editor built-in with all the available features. Start by making uses of many stylish layouts as you put them on your photos. Or try out unique filters and backgrounds to create unique effects on each and every one of your photos. Plus, with many cute frames and memes to add in, it’s quite easy to create an edited photo that you would love.

Free to use

And despite all those amazing features, you can totally make uses of the app for free on any of your mobile devices. That’s said, the free version of InShot can be picked up on the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Download Inshot Pro Apk

APK Name Inshot Pro APK
Size 47MB
Version v1.752.1332 [Latest Version]
Android Required 4.1+
Installs 100,000,000+
Rating 4.8
Developer InShot Inc.
Last Updated 26-September-2021
APK Type Inshot Pro Mod APK - [Premium Fully Unlocked]


- Brand new material store

- New effect pack "Retro 2"

- Trim music directly on the timeline

- Bug fixes and other improvements

How to Install InShot Pro Apk

To manually install any third-party app you will need to allow unknown source permission from your device.

• Go to Settings of your Android device

• Click on Security

• There you will find the Unknown Sources option.

• Click and Turn it on.

• Now download the latest Inshot Pro Apk.

• Click on the Inshot Pro Apk file to install.

• Now Click on Install.

• Wait for a few seconds and you will see Inshot Pro Apk installed on your device

• Click on Done and Launch the app to start using the Inshot Pro Apk application.

User Reviews

Nomadic Wolf

Very easy and straight forward, at least for those who know their way around modern user interfaces & enjoy playing around with all the settings (as I do). It may take a little getting used to otherwise; nevertheless FANTASTIC app!

Asha Anofienem Love this app, especially as I am a true novice movie 🎬 maker. It has fantastic features, as I use it to make edit my videos for my business. The only downfall for me is the weak music selection; but other than that, it is a superb app.
wisdom mama tv

It's so nice and easy to use, i am having trouble with inshot this time, it make my video not be clear, i can't use any of these pictures or anything else, they as me for pro after i have pay for one year 💔i need my money back or you should try upgrade it.


  • Is InShot Pro Apk Free?

  • Yes, you can download Inshot Pro Apk free of cost.
  • Is InShot Pro a Good Editing App?

  • InShot is simple to use and has everything you need. This app is perfect for creators who want a mobile video editor that does it all without too many frills.
  • How Can I Download Inshot Pro Apk For Free?

  • To use InShot Pro Apk Free Click here – InShot Pro (v1.752.1332) and download the Latest Apk.

final Word

To make editing videos on your mobile devices a lot more fun and exciting to watch, Android users can totally make uses of InShot Pro unique and useful features. That’s said, the app offers the complete control options that most of you would certainly find interesting. And if it’s possible, you should also check out our mod to enjoy even better experiences.

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